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Doubling Down on CodeSignal So More Companies Can #GoBeyondResumes

In December of 2020, Menlo led the Series B investment in CodeSignal. Now, less than a year later, we’re doubling down in their Series C and welcoming Index Ventures to the team.

September 16, 2021JP Sanday
Fieldwire: The Newest Trifecta Addition to the Menlo Portfolio

We are excited to announce our Series C lead investment in Fieldwire, a fast-growing, cashflow-positive company that brings increased digitization and cloud-native software efficiencies to the construction industry.

September 16, 2019Tyler Sosin and Croom Beatty
Building Our Team: JP Sanday Joins Menlo’s Inflection Team as Partner

Today is a big day for Menlo Ventures as we’re adding our ninth partner, JP Sanday, who will focus on our Inflection Fund!

August 7, 2019Matt Murphy
Investing in Benchling: Software Accelerating Life Science Innovation

It’s rare to meet an entrepreneur who demonstrates both an incredible command of their business and such a clear vision of the magnitude of the opportunity.

July 24, 2019Matt Murphy
Cheers to Chime: Finally, a Bank Consumers Can Love!

Today, we’d like to congratulate Chime on their $200 million fundraising round led by DST, with participation from Menlo Ventures, Cathay Innovation, Forerunner, and more.

March 5, 2019Shawn Carolan and Steve Sloane
Menlo Ventures Launches the Menlo Inflection Fund

An inflection point is a decisive moment that marks the start of significant change. As startup investors, Menlo wants to drive that inflection.

February 20, 2019Venky Ganesan and Tyler Sosin