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Cracking the Black Box of Alts Investing: Our Series A Investment in Arch

Arch Labs is building the digital backbone to aggregate and connect upstream GP portals and fund admins so investors can automate manual processes like document collection and capital calls, and make better, data-driven investment decisions.

November 9, 2023Croom Beatty
Hat Trick: Menlo’s Third Investment in Finch in Three Years

Congratulations to Jeremy Zhang, Ansel Parikh, and the Finch team on raising their Series B! For Menlo, it’s an exciting milestone, marking the third consecutive round we’ve invested in Finch.

February 22, 2023Croom Beatty
Software Will Supercharge Developer Productivity: Why We’re Excited About DX

Software developers spend their days chasing the elusive “flow state:” headphones on, Slack notifications paused, dev environment humming along, context switching to a minimum, and delivering a significant amount of valuable code and/or solving a hard problem.

December 15, 2022Matt Murphy, Grace Ge and Katie Keller
Finch: Bringing Data Interoperability to the Employment Sector

The fintech industry has grown exponentially in recent years with a next-gen cohort of outstanding entrepreneurs deconstructing monolithic legacy solutions.

June 8, 2022Croom Beatty and Matt Murphy
Our Investment in Cequence Security: Bringing Visibility to API Security

As companies go digital, the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) is exploding.

December 15, 2021Venky Ganesan and Feyza Haskaraman
Particle: Data Interoperability Powering the Future of Digital Healthcare

In order to fulfill the promise of improving healthcare outcomes, electronic medical records (EMRs) must be both portable and private.

April 28, 2020Croom Beatty
Bringing in the Dough, Bread Announces Series B

Our lead investment culminates a two-year period in which we’ve built a relationship with Bread’s founders and developed a thesis on the online purchase finance market.

August 2, 2017Tyler Sosin
Clarifai: Bringing AI to the Masses

I’m thrilled to announce today that Menlo Ventures is leading a $30 million round in Clarifai, a company building a platform to democratize AI and bring it to the mainstream of developers and applications.

October 25, 2016Matt Murphy
The Rise of APIs

The number of SaaS applications has exploded and there is a rising wave of software innovation in the area of APIs that provide critical connective tissue and increasingly important functionality.

May 23, 2016Matt Murphy
Process as Code: Security Ops Orchestration for a Brave New World

Cybercrime is an enormous problem—a nemesis of the federal government, America’s biggest corporations, and tens of millions of individuals.

March 7, 2016
Fighting Fraud With Big Data

Menlo Ventures is excited to announce that we are leading a $20 million Series B investment in Signifyd — a company that uses machine learning to eliminate chargeback fraud for online merchants.

February 25, 2016