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December 20, 2022Steve Sloane, Feyza Haskaraman and Derek Xiao
Latin America: The Next Frontier in Supply Chain Innovation

History may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

December 14, 2022Steve Sloane, Feyza Haskaraman and Derek Xiao
Carefully Crafted Digital Approaches Can Improve Youths’ Mental Health Care

In the face of a national emergency in child and adolescent mental health, urgent measures are needed to help those in need.

December 7, 2022Greg Yap and Derek Xiao
Securing the Modern Software Supply Chain

The long chain of code, library, and package dependencies and third-party tooling employed during the software development lifecycle comprise the modern software supply chain.

November 9, 2022Feyza Haskaraman and Derek Xiao
The Opportunity in Cybersecurity: Takeaways From This Year’s RSA Conference

The public cloud markets may have been dreary outside last week, but under the soaring skylight of Moscone Center in San Francisco—host to this year’s RSA Conference, one of the cybersecurity industry’s largest annual gatherings—the convention floor was pulsing with excitement.

June 17, 2022Katie Keller and Derek Xiao
Our Investment in Obsidian Security: Securing the Most Critical Business Applications for the Enterprise

Business today lives in SaaS applications. In fact, the average enterprise organization uses no less than 150 separate SaaS applications.

April 14, 2022Venky Ganesan, Feyza Haskaraman and Derek Xiao
Public Cloud Stocks Have Dropped 50%. Will Private Valuations Follow?

After nearly two years of soaring valuation multiples for public cloud stocks, the law of financial gravity has returned in recent weeks.

March 21, 2022Steve Sloane and Derek Xiao