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Menlo Ventures Doubles Down on Consumer Investing With New Partner Amy Wu

June 15, 2023

Today, we’re excited to announce Menlo Ventures’ newest partner, Amy Wu.

Amy joins us to double down on Menlo’s long-standing consumer practice and lead us into new categories, drawing on her strong gaming expertise and fearless exploration of new consumer experiences. We’ve given her an intentionally broad mandate that leverages her expertise and experience as she looks for founders intent on changing how we live, work, and play. And we are excited to have her here to build on Menlo’s long history of success, which includes early bets on companies like Chime, PillPack, Roku, Uber, and Warby Parker. Amy is our first partner hire in New York City and will plant the Menlo flag there.

Amy energizes all those around her. This came up in all her references, and we feel it already at Menlo. Founders who have worked with Amy characterize her as “relentless, passionate, always available,” “doesn’t stop until she delivers, and always delivers,” and “a rare mix of supporting and pushing you.”  She “can go deep on operational issues” and has “a lot of credibility from her time in the trenches.” She has an incredible network of people who go to bat for her. In the venture market, where capital is a commodity, Amy’s rare ability to inspire excitement and loyalty from founders truly impressed us. 

At Menlo, Amy will make early-stage investments in technology-driven categories, including gaming, blockchain, and new consumer experiences made possible by tech shifts like generative AI. Her deep experience as both an investor and operator across a variety of consumer businesses will help her hit the ground running. Before joining Menlo, Amy focused on Web3 and gaming at FTX Ventures, where she invested in Sui, Soba Studios, TripleDot Studios, Yuga Labs, and Doodles. Prior to that, she led investments in consumer, gaming, and blockchain at Lightspeed Venture Partners, where her investments included Epic Games, Faraway Games, Weee!, Webull, Arbitrum, and Alchemy. As an operator, Amy served as SVP and CFO of Discovery Inc.’s $2 billion Global and Digital Sports unit and worked in Singapore as the CFO of Discovery Asia-Pacific. She began her career at Insight Venture Partners, working with companies like, Zumba, and Tumblr.

At Menlo, every partner on our early-stage team has a mix of investing and unique operating experience; so does Amy. She’s also not only academic with investing but lives it. She’s an early adopter and an enthusiast of new consumer products and trends. She loves to game and frequently tweets her thoughts on everything from the fundraising climate to challenges in blockchain games.

Amy, we are excited to welcome you to Menlo Ventures. We look forward to proudly introducing you to amazing entrepreneurs, friends, and LPs. This is going to be fun!