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Video: Early Cancer Detection With Delfi

March 9, 2023

Some of the most transformative technologies in life sciences are major new applications of genomics. Next-generation sequencing has outpaced even Moore’s Law, as the cost and information content of sequencing has improved even faster than that of computer chips. One of Menlo’s portfolio companies, Delfi Diagnostics, has combined ultra-low-cost sequencing and machine learning to develop the first global-population-scale blood assay to detect cancer early, starting with lung cancer. Unlike competitive products in development, Delfi’s assay is simple enough to be distributed broadly, enabling the company to evolve to become a cloud software business where one assay can be used for many tests.

If cancer is found early, 80% of people live more than five years, but if found late, only 20% live that long. Early detection saves more lives than all of the drugs put together, as well as billions of dollars per year in medical costs.