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Cracking the Black Box of Alts Investing: Our Series A Investment in Arch

Arch Labs is building the digital backbone to aggregate and connect upstream GP portals and fund admins so investors can automate manual processes like document collection and capital calls, and make better, data-driven investment decisions.

November 9, 2023Croom Beatty and Andreas Vandris
Siteline: Attacking the Payments Problem in Construction

As repeat investors in the construction technology space, we have been vocal about the opportunities to build valuable companies in the category.

February 24, 2022Tyler Sosin
Congratulations to Fieldwire on Their $300M Acquisition by the Hilti Group!

Fieldwire Becomes the Third Largest Acquisition in Construction Startups Today we congratulate Fieldwire on their acquisition by global construction leader, the Hilti Group. With this $300 million acquisition, Fieldwire becomes the...

November 16, 2021Tyler Sosin
Our Series A Investment in Prodigal: Humanizing the Lending Process and Ecosystem

There is currently $15 trillion of consumer debt in the U.S. Lenders pay hundreds of billions of dollars to acquire customers, underwrite them, and then give them a loan. But then what?

July 22, 2021Croom Beatty
Our Investment In Qualio: A New Breed of Quality Management System for Life Sciences

Across life sciences, a quality management system (QMS) is critical for both regulatory compliance and continuous product innovation.

May 25, 2021JP Sanday
Life Science Is Being Transformed by Vertical SaaS

We believe purpose-built vertical SaaS will help make drug discovery more effective and efficient and ultimately improve healthcare outcomes.

April 14, 2021Matt Murphy, JP Sanday and Greg Yap
The Power of a Photographic Memory: Our Investment in Construction Tech Leader OpenSpace

Today, we are excited to announce our investment in OpenSpace, the leading provider of automated 360° photo documentation and analysis for construction sites.

July 27, 2020Shawn Carolan
Indio and Applied Systems Tie the Knot

Today, we proudly announce that Indio has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Applied Systems, the largest global provider of insurance software.

December 4, 2019Tyler Sosin
Congratulations to Scout RFP on Joining Workday!

SaaS continues its march to digitize every enterprise workflow; trifecta companies like Scout are poised to win.

November 4, 2019Matt Murphy
Fieldwire: The Newest Trifecta Addition to the Menlo Portfolio

We are excited to announce our Series C lead investment in Fieldwire, a fast-growing, cashflow-positive company that brings increased digitization and cloud-native software efficiencies to the construction industry.

September 16, 2019Tyler Sosin and Croom Beatty
Indio: The P&C Insurtech “Trifecta” That Inspired a Menlo Feeding Frenzy

At Menlo Ventures, our investment team likes to get creative with how we catalog companies we encounter in the wild.

May 2, 2019Tyler Sosin