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Menlo Welcomes New AI Infrastructure Investor Deedy Das

Deedy joins us as a principal, focused on early-stage investments in AI/ML, next-generation infrastructure, and enterprise software.

March 14, 2024Tim Tully
Backing the Stack: Why Menlo Invested in Unstructured

We’re excited to partner closely with the team at Unstructured and are confident that they have firmly established themselves as the ETL leader for AI/ML workloads of the future.

March 14, 2024Tim Tully and Derek Xiao
The Modern AI Stack: Design Principles for the Future of Enterprise AI Architectures

The future of the modern AI stack is being decided now. More than ever, machines are capable of reasoning, creation, and creativity, and these new capabilities are driving enterprises to reconstruct their tech stacks.

January 18, 2024Matt Murphy, Tim Tully and Derek Xiao
Menlo’s Investment in Neon: Serverless Postgres for Modern Workloads

Our rationale for investing in Neon was remarkably clear: Menlo had been on the hunt for a modern OLTP database with separation of storage and compute for quite some time.

August 1, 2023Tim Tully and Derek Xiao
Video: Building Squint With Menlo Labs

Founder Devin Bhushan talks about Squint and making the leap to entrepreneurship with the help of Menlo Labs.

June 2, 2023
Squint Emerges From Menlo Labs With Funding From Sequoia and an Impressive Roster of Customers

Today, Squint revealed an impressive roster of customers that includes Volvo and Siemens, and announced $6 million in seed and pre-seed funding from Sequoia Arc, Menlo Ventures, and Menlo Labs.

June 1, 2023Greg Rudin
Pinecone Now Valued at $750M, Arguably the Most Important Element in the Modern Data Stack

Pinecone has raised a $100M Series B led by A16Z—with explosive growth justifying their new $750M valuation.

April 27, 2023Tim Tully
Use Pinecone to See Which Parent Most Resembles Your Kids

In March, we announced our lead investment in the Series A for Pinecone, a semantic search database powered by vector embedding search.

July 18, 2022Tim Tully
Investing in RelationalAI: Evolving the Modern Data Stack

RAI has created perhaps one of the most unique and powerful databases in the world.

April 26, 2022Tim Tully
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in TruEra

Every company is a software company. Moreover, every company is now an AI/ML company.

March 28, 2022Tim Tully
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in Julia Computing

Julia, the “Ju” in Jupyter, is a programming language that will soon be the standard in scientific computing, replacing MatLab and R, but is also popular on the server due to speed, multiple dispatch/type system, as well as a vast set of libraries that aid rapid application development.

January 25, 2022Tim Tully
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in Edge Delta

Edge Delta is providing a whole new class of product and category—a complementary and incredibly necessary approach to observability—edge observability, a critical component of your new data stack.

June 25, 2021Tim Tully
tim.jobChange(‘{“from”​:”Splunk CTO”​, “to”​:”Menlo VC”​}’​);

It’s with great excitement I announce that I’ve started my journey with Menlo Ventures as a partner focused on early-stage investing in the infrastructure and deep tech sectors.

May 17, 2021Tim Tully
Welcome Tim Tully, the Newest Partner at Menlo

It’s a very exciting time for Menlo Ventures, and we’re thrilled to welcome Tim Tully as our newest partner.

April 16, 2021Matt Murphy