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Latin America: The Next Frontier in Supply Chain Innovation

History may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

December 14, 2022Steve Sloane, Feyza Haskaraman and Derek Xiao
Our Investment in CloudTrucks: Bringing Critical Solutions to Truckers Powering the Supply Chain

Trucking is the backbone of America. And despite its critical hand in the supply chain, the $700 billion industry hinges on personnel, yet fails to offer drivers streamlined solutions for managing their operations.

November 30, 2021Steve Sloane and Feyza Haskaraman
Our Investment in Matik: Empowering the Enterprise With Data-Driven Documents

We’ve always been drawn to the world of possibility unlocked by automation—improving clunky and time-consuming workflows, enhancing productivity, freeing time to focus on higher-order problems. One area long plagued by...

October 13, 2021Naomi Pilosof Ionita and Grace Ge
From Affinity Customers to Affinity Investors: The Value of Relationship Intelligence

Today we “put our money where our mouth is.” More than two years after becoming Affinity customers, I’m proud to announce that Menlo has invested in the company.

September 9, 2021Tyler Sosin
Our Series A Investment in Prodigal: Humanizing the Lending Process and Ecosystem

There is currently $15 trillion of consumer debt in the U.S. Lenders pay hundreds of billions of dollars to acquire customers, underwrite them, and then give them a loan. But then what?

July 22, 2021Croom Beatty
Powering Product-Led Sales: Our Investment in Endgame

To win in today’s market, startups must build smart from the ground up with efficient business models that drive growth.

July 13, 2021Naomi Pilosof Ionita
Ophelia Health: Fighting the Opioid Epidemic by Making the Best Care Accessible

Opioid use disorder (OUD) is an epidemic that will define our generation. Roughly 90 million Americans use opioids and over 10 million misuse them.

April 22, 2021Greg Yap and Croom Beatty
Our Investment in Canvas

While construction is a multi-trillion dollar industry, it has largely been starved of innovation for more than 50 years.

April 15, 2021Matt Murphy
Our Investment in Photomath: Changing the Future of Math Tutoring

A very real concern emerging from the pandemic is the impact of remote learning on students who require more hands-on, personalized instruction.

February 18, 2021JP Sanday and Feyza Haskaraman
Our Investment in Strata: Managing Identity and Access Across All Clouds

The pandemic became a catalyst for digital transformation, driving spectacular tailwinds for cloud adoption. It also created new challenges with identity fragmentation as more users turn to cloud services with...

February 16, 2021Venky Ganesan
Roadblocks and Opportunities in Electronic Healthcare Records: A Conversation with Particle Founder Troy Bannister

As part of the 21st Century Cures Act, the White House established rules compelling payers and hospitals to make patient health data easily shareable by modern technology standards.

January 11, 2021Croom Beatty