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Announcing the Digital Health Founder’s Fellowship

Attention Digital Health Founders: We are now accepting applications to attend the Digital Health Founder’s Fellowship

December 6, 2022Greg Yap
November 15, 2022Grace Ge
Do You Want to Found a Company?

Solve a problem. Change the game. Build a household name. Menlo Ventures is currently accepting candidates for our Future Founders community. Apply here Menlo Ventures is now accepting candidates for...

February 14, 2022Michelle Aguinis
Catching Lightning in a Bottle

How to align product with what customers want, differentiate from competitors, and win your market

October 13, 2021Shawn Carolan
Conducting Pricing Research & Experimentation

Most startups are leaving money on the table when it comes to pricing their products and services.

August 10, 2021Naomi Pilosof Ionita
It’s Time to Crack the Complex Code of Benefits Tech

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world of benefits forever. Companies rethought the traditional office paradigm and re-evaluated the suite of benefits that provide a strong work experience for employees.

April 21, 2021Steve Sloane
The Secret to Cracking the Minimum Viable Product

It’s commonly believed that the top two reasons startups fail are “There’s no market need” and “They ran out of cash.”

March 25, 2021Shawn Carolan
Making Sense of the Boom: Menlo’s Cybersecurity Checklist

The global cybersecurity market is booming. Against a backdrop of uncertainty, it’s displayed resilience and has largely been insulated from the volatility of markets.

January 5, 2021Venky Ganesan
Matching Price to Value—3 Lessons in Monetization

This article originally appeared in Business Insider. I joined Menlo Ventures as a partner after years of building Growth Product teams focused on activation, retention, and monetization. I gravitated towards...

January 4, 2021Naomi Pilosof Ionita
Embracing Empathy to Build Products that Scale

It’s no secret that the tech industry has a diversity problem.

July 16, 2020Grace Ge
The Channel 101: When and How Can Partners Help Your Business Get to the Next Level?

I recently hosted a webinar with Dave O’Callaghan, Managing Partner of Vation, who shared his extensive expertise on indirect go-to-market sales and partnerships.

July 2, 2020Houman Haghighi
The Seven Deadly Sins of Fundraising in 2016

As has been widely covered in the press and the latest Q2 venture funding statistics, the financing environment for venture-backed companies changed significantly at the beginning of the year.

July 27, 2016Matt Murphy
Brexit’s Impact on Silicon Valley

What is the actual financial impact of Brexit for early-stage technology companies in Silicon Valley? Zip, zilch, nada.

June 25, 2016Venky Ganesan
Who Moved My Goalposts?

Sixteen years of being a venture capitalist has taught me to embrace and adapt to change, but I have also learned that some principles are timeless.

March 1, 2016Venky Ganesan
Will the Tech Boom Go Bust?

On February 2, the New York Times published a story suggesting venture capitalists were worried of a looming tech bubble.

April 24, 2015Mark Siegel
Coachella for VCs: VentureScape 2014

Savvy investors, both at financial investment firms and corporate investment groups know that startups and fast-growth companies bring the most innovative ideas to the market, opening new sectors and creating thousands of new jobs annually.

April 29, 2014Venky Ganesan