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Resilience Against Ransomware: Our Investment in Mimic

Mimic is a next-gen anti-ransomware solution built for the enterprise—a category-defining technology responding to increasingly urgent market demands.

May 2, 2024Matt Murphy, Feyza Haskaraman and Sam Borja
Menlo’s Investment in Higgsfield: Building World Models With Video

AI-generated video is on the verge of its ChatGPT moment.

April 3, 2024Amy Wu and Derek Xiao
Our Investment in Barnyard Games: Pioneering Social Games for the Unreal Engine for Fortnite Ecosystem

Gaming is in a golden age. Over the last decade, gaming has seen the rise of iconic studios whose titles have reshaped how consumers socialize and play today.

December 14, 2023Amy Wu and Derek Xiao
Video: Building Squint With Menlo Labs

Founder Devin Bhushan talks about Squint and making the leap to entrepreneurship with the help of Menlo Labs.

June 2, 2023
Squint Emerges From Menlo Labs With Funding From Sequoia and an Impressive Roster of Customers

Today, Squint revealed an impressive roster of customers that includes Volvo and Siemens, and announced $6 million in seed and pre-seed funding from Sequoia Arc, Menlo Ventures, and Menlo Labs.

June 1, 2023Greg Rudin
Our Investment in Luca: The AI-Driven Pricing Co-Pilot for Large E-commerce Companies

Retail e-commerce is as old as the advent of the web. In the decades that followed, a wave of innovation across supply chain, logistics, advertising, payments, checkout, and storefront tech has vastly improved the consumer e-commerce experience.

April 28, 2023Aunkur Arya and Andreas Vandris