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Refine Your Business Idea: Our Elevator Pitch for Menlo Fellows

Developing an elevator pitch is a powerful exercise for helping entrepreneurs sharpen their thinking around a potential new business idea. Coming up with innovative ideas is a challenge in itself, and founders are often caught spinning their wheels, struggling to bring clarity and focus to their vision.

May 4, 2023Michelle Aguinis
Celebrating Rover: Best in Show With Nasdaq Debut

Today we congratulate CEO Aaron Easterly and the entire Rover team on becoming a publicly-traded company (NASDAQ: ROVR).

August 2, 2021Venky Ganesan
The State of the Marketplace: A VC Digs into the Data As Several Marketplace Companies Prepare Their IPOs

The end of 2020 will be marked by a series of high-profile consumer technology IPOs, including several marketplace businesses.

December 16, 2020Venky Ganesan
The Only Metric That Truly Matters for a Marketplace Is the Shadow Market

If a marketplace expands into the “shadow market” (or a class of buyers that was previously unavailable to a supplier), then it has the potential to accrue far more value.

October 23, 2015Steve Sloane
10 Laws of Successful Marketplaces

It has many names: the Sharing Economy, Collaborative Consumption, the On-Demand Economy, and even most recently called by Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the Gig Economy.

October 16, 2015Venky Ganesan and Steve Sloane
Hacking for Growth With Rover, Lumosity, and Poshmark

Consumer companies need to scale users with the lowest acquisition cost possible. But users aren’t all equal.

December 16, 2014Venky Ganesan
How Mobile Marketplaces Are Creating a Million New U.S. Jobs

Online marketplaces such as Uber and Instacart are rapidly transforming the way people get what they want—whether it’s a ride, a meal, or a pet sitter—when they want it.

September 2, 2014Venky Ganesan
Top 8 Insights: Menlo Loves Marketplaces

The meteoric rise of several iconic marketplaces in just a few short years has ushered us into the midst of an unprecedented era of the Right Now Economy.

June 3, 2014
Menlo Loves Marketplaces

Menlo hosted an event to explore best practices and lessons learned from leading entrepreneurs in the space followed by a networking reception.

May 19, 2014
Love for Rover

We look forward to working with Aaron Easterly and the team as they build Rover into the leading online marketplace for dog boarding.

March 12, 2014Venky Ganesan