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Video: Building Riva With Menlo Labs

Riva Health founders Tuhin Sinha and Dag Kittlaus discuss their critical mission to revolutionize cardiovascular healthcare; their long histories with Menlo partners Greg Yap and Shawn Carolan; how they were introduced to each other; and the whirlwind journey to FDA approval.

May 12, 2023
Video: Improving Heart Health With Riva

Riva’s mission is to improve cardiovascular disease worldwide using just the smartphones that people already have in their pockets, replacing 130-year-old blood pressure cuff technology.

November 22, 2022Greg Yap
Our Investment in Riva Health: Building the Future of Cardiovascular Healthcare

Nearly half of U.S. adults—108 million people—have high blood pressure, which is the #1 controllable risk for both heart disease and stroke, the two leading worldwide causes of death.

March 17, 2021Greg Yap