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December 20, 2022Steve Sloane, Feyza Haskaraman and Derek Xiao
How Key Sectors Might Fare During a Post-COVID Recession

As we consider the post-COVID economy, we reflect on previous recessions to inform our predictions about how various asset classes and business models might perform.

June 1, 2022Steve Sloane
Why Data Privacy and Compliance Software Could Be a Winner in 2021

The current political environment could bring a demand surge for startups in the data privacy and compliance space.

January 21, 2021Steve Sloane
Is It Better to Invest in Public Stocks or the Private Market During a Downturn?

I recently found myself wondering how venture returns correlate to public market performance during market turbulence.

May 29, 2020Steve Sloane
Can M&A Still Thrive if Our Economy Slows? History Tells Us M&A Slows During a Recession, But This Time May Be Different

Downturns are historically terrible for M&A, but there are reasons to believe that may not be the case during this recession. Markets have shown an unfortunate ability to accelerate deal...

May 28, 2020Steve Sloane
Four Things Employees Expect in the Workplace in 2020

The way we work today looks very different from how we’ve worked in the past. We’re no longer working 9 to 5 or delineating between in or out of the office.

December 20, 2019Naomi Pilosof Ionita
The Shift to Collaborative Robots Means the Rise of Robotics as a Service

As e-commerce continues to expand, the demand for warehouse workers is growing faster than the labor supply and creating an increased need for automation.

March 2, 2019Steve Sloane
2017 Will Be a Strong Year for Venture Capital

What does my crystal ball say about the outlook for venture capital in 2017? The building blocks of a better year are in place. Many venture capital firms are flush with...

January 3, 2017Matt Murphy
Breach Analytics: The Next Billion-Dollar Investment Opportunity

Based on the very nature and prevalence of today’s data breach incidents, most of which go undiscovered for many months, the promise of breach analytics shouldn’t be underestimated.

October 26, 2015Venky Ganesan
Taking Stock: Ranking the Next Billion-Dollar Cybersecurity Markets

This post originally appeared in the RSA Conference blog. With IT security spending estimated to crest the $75 billion annual mark before the end of 2015, there’s no shortage of emerging security...

October 15, 2015Venky Ganesan
Q&A With Venky Ganesan

Venky talks about the future of VC investing, including what’s hot in the enterprise, social media, and what will change in the tech industry as companies monetize globally.

January 10, 2014Venky Ganesan
The Future of the Data Center

The data center circa 2013 is a virtualizing vortex, but the Sea, one of Palo Alto’s premier eateries, felt like the eye of the hurricane on September 19, when Menlo Ventures brought together two dozen executives for a summit on the future of IT.

October 1, 2013Mark Siegel
Why We Need Don Draper Mentality

“You are the product. You feeling something. That’s what sells.” —Donald F. Draper, Creative Director, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (Mad Men)

September 29, 2013Shawn Carolan