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Latin America: The Next Frontier in Supply Chain Innovation

History may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

December 14, 2022Steve Sloane, Feyza Haskaraman and Derek Xiao
How Key Sectors Might Fare During a Post-COVID Recession

As we consider the post-COVID economy, we reflect on previous recessions to inform our predictions about how various asset classes and business models might perform.

June 1, 2022Steve Sloane
A Disruptive Vision Achieved: Celebrating Warby Parker’s Direct Listing

Today we congratulate Neil Blumenthal, Dave Gilboa, Andy Hunt, Jeff Raider, and the entire Warby Parker team on becoming a publicly-traded company.

September 29, 2021Mark Siegel
Celebrating Rover: Best in Show With Nasdaq Debut

Today we congratulate CEO Aaron Easterly and the entire Rover team on becoming a publicly-traded company (NASDAQ: ROVR).

August 2, 2021Venky Ganesan
Congratulations to Poshmark on Its IPO: Presenting the Future of Shopping

Today we congratulate CEO Manish Chandra, co-founders Tracy Sun, Gautam Golwala, Chetan Pungaliya, CFO Anan Kashyap, and the entire team at Poshmark on going public (NASDAQ: POSH)!

January 14, 2021Venky Ganesan
The State of the Marketplace: A VC Digs into the Data As Several Marketplace Companies Prepare Their IPOs

The end of 2020 will be marked by a series of high-profile consumer technology IPOs, including several marketplace businesses.

December 16, 2020Venky Ganesan
Menlo Ventures Launches the Menlo Inflection Fund

An inflection point is a decisive moment that marks the start of significant change. As startup investors, Menlo wants to drive that inflection.

February 20, 2019Venky Ganesan and Tyler Sosin
David vs. Goliath: How E-Commerce Companies Can Win Against Amazon

Physical retail is dying—a trend which has been ongoing for years and is now accelerating.

June 7, 2016Steve Sloane
Opportunities for Entrepreneurship: Menlo’s New $250M Fund

We are announcing today the closing of the Menlo Ventures Opportunity Fund. This is a $250 million vehicle, and we’re very flattered that it was significantly oversubscribed.

April 28, 2016Mark Siegel
Instant Gratification and the Power of Right Now

In this post, we will explain why on-demand marketplaces have a distinct advantage in terms of avoiding disintermediation, maintaining pricing power, and boosting acquisition efficiency.

January 26, 2016Steve Sloane
Supply-Side Economics

At Menlo, we encourage our companies not to neglect the supply side, as supplier retention is directly correlated to overall platform quality and NPS.

December 15, 2015Steve Sloane
Let’s Get Vertical

Within a broad horizontal marketplace, it becomes more difficult to achieve sufficient liquidity, whereas a vertical marketplace immediately brings together buyers and sellers seeking to complete the same category of transaction.

November 20, 2015Steve Sloane
All About the Rake

It’s simply inevitable that high-flying businesses’ growth rates will moderate over time, as the universe of unaddressed consumers becomes smaller, and each incremental sale becomes more difficult or less of a natural fit.

November 10, 2015Steve Sloane
The Only Metric That Truly Matters for a Marketplace Is the Shadow Market

If a marketplace expands into the “shadow market” (or a class of buyers that was previously unavailable to a supplier), then it has the potential to accrue far more value.

October 23, 2015Steve Sloane
10 Laws of Successful Marketplaces

It has many names: the Sharing Economy, Collaborative Consumption, the On-Demand Economy, and even most recently called by Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the Gig Economy.

October 16, 2015Venky Ganesan and Steve Sloane
Menlo Marketplaces: Investing in UpCounsel

We are excited to announce today our lead investment in the Series A financing of UpCounsel. This investment continues our strong investment thesis around vertical marketplaces.

July 28, 2015Steve Sloane