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Video: Engineering New Drugs With Generative AI at Genesis Therapeutics

Genesis Therapeutics is pioneering AI technologies to create medicines for patients with severe and unmet medical needs.

May 2, 2023Greg Yap
Video: Early Cancer Detection With Delfi

Delfi Diagnostics has developed a test that combines ultra-low-cost sequencing and machine learning to detect cancer early.

March 9, 2023Greg Yap
AI for Contact Centers: Menlo’s Series C Investment in Observe.AI

We’re pleased to again invest in Observe.AI’s Series C round to fuel their next stage of development and product innovation.

April 12, 2022Steve Sloane
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in TruEra

Every company is a software company. Moreover, every company is now an AI/ML company.

March 28, 2022Tim Tully
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in Julia Computing

Julia, the “Ju” in Jupyter, is a programming language that will soon be the standard in scientific computing, replacing MatLab and R, but is also popular on the server due to speed, multiple dispatch/type system, as well as a vast set of libraries that aid rapid application development.

January 25, 2022Tim Tully
tim.jobChange(‘{“from”​:”Splunk CTO”​, “to”​:”Menlo VC”​}’​);

It’s with great excitement I announce that I’ve started my journey with Menlo Ventures as a partner focused on early-stage investing in the infrastructure and deep tech sectors.

May 17, 2021Tim Tully
Welcome Tim Tully, the Newest Partner at Menlo

It’s a very exciting time for Menlo Ventures, and we’re thrilled to welcome Tim Tully as our newest partner.

April 16, 2021Matt Murphy
Automation’s “Goldilocks” Challenge: Why Fox Robotics Is Just Right

People tend to overestimate how disruptive a certain technology will be in the short term, but underestimate its influence in the long term. In venture capital investing, this manifests itself...

August 25, 2020Mark Siegel
The Power of AI In Customer Service

Think about the last time you hung up the phone and cursed. If you’re like us, it was likely the result of a poor customer service experience.

May 31, 2017Matt Murphy
Usermind: Harmony Among SaaS Applications

I’m thrilled to announce the public launch of Usermind, my first investment at Menlo Ventures, and one that I’m particularly excited about.

March 16, 2016Matt Murphy
Fighting Fraud With Big Data

Menlo Ventures is excited to announce that we are leading a $20 million Series B investment in Signifyd — a company that uses machine learning to eliminate chargeback fraud for online merchants.

February 25, 2016