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Fighting Cancer Through Early Detection and New Therapies: Menlo’s Investments in Delfi and Opna

Cancer remains one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. and worldwide.

January 11, 2023Johnny Hu
Announcing the Digital Health Founder’s Fellowship

Attention Digital Health Founders: We are now accepting applications to attend the Digital Health Founder’s Fellowship

December 6, 2022Greg Yap
Our Investment In Qualio: A New Breed of Quality Management System for Life Sciences

Across life sciences, a quality management system (QMS) is critical for both regulatory compliance and continuous product innovation.

May 25, 2021JP Sanday
Life Science Is Being Transformed by Vertical SaaS

We believe purpose-built vertical SaaS will help make drug discovery more effective and efficient and ultimately improve healthcare outcomes.

April 14, 2021Matt Murphy, JP Sanday and Greg Yap
The 5 Ps of Therapeutics Investing at Menlo

At Menlo, we believe the pace of innovation in new medicines will continue to accelerate, powered by the combination of advances in biology, advances in information technology, and even the lasting implications of the global pandemic.

March 31, 2021Greg Yap
We Are Hiring a Principal with Therapeutics Expertise: Building a Biotech Franchise at Menlo

Here at Menlo, we are building an investing practice focused on three of the most exciting areas of healthcare: therapeutic platforms, digital health, and transformative technologies.

March 23, 2021Greg Yap
Pliant and the 5 Ps of Therapeutics Investing at Menlo

Congratulations to Bernard Coulie and the team at Pliant Therapeutics on a successful IPO!

June 3, 2020Greg Yap
Investing in H1: SaaS Healthcare Analytics

How can we take a critical process and make it better? Many successful companies are built from answering this question.

April 22, 2020Greg Yap
Bringing Transparency to Healthcare Transactions: Menlo Ventures Invests in Rivet

When you rent an apartment, buy a car, pay for education, you know exactly what you are going to pay. Why then, when you go to a doctor or pay for healthcare, do you not know what you will owe?

March 10, 2020Croom Beatty
Investing in Benchling: Software Accelerating Life Science Innovation

It’s rare to meet an entrepreneur who demonstrates both an incredible command of their business and such a clear vision of the magnitude of the opportunity.

July 24, 2019Matt Murphy
Menlo Ventures’ Greg Yap Selected for Aspen Institute’s Health Innovators Fellowship

Today, the Aspen Institute announced its fifth class of Health Innovators Fellows, comprised of 21 healthcare leaders from across the industry with diverse expertise.

July 11, 2019Mark Siegel
Menlo Announces New $450 Million Fund to Invest in Iconic Entrepreneurs

Today we announce the closing of Menlo Ventures XIV, a $450 million fund earmarked for early-stage technology investments.

May 18, 2018Mark Siegel
Menlo Welcomes Greg Yap to Focus on Life Sciences Technology

The Menlo team is thrilled to announce we have added a new partner, Greg Yap, to lead investments in the health, medical, and life science technology space.

October 10, 2017Mark Siegel