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Menlo’s Investment in OfferFit: Building the ML-Powered, Automated Experimentation Platform Marketers Need

We’re thrilled to lead OfferFit’s Series B and believe it delivers a category-disrupting solution at a time when the marketing world is looking to embrace AI.

November 14, 2023JP Sanday, Andreas Vandris and Derek Xiao
Building the Organizational Knowledge Graph: Our Series B Investment in Sana

There’s been a seismic shift in the environment for learning and training on the job.

December 13, 2022JP Sanday and Andreas Vandris
The Net-Zero Future: How We’re Getting There

Tackling climate change and creating a more sustainable future is an enormous and overwhelming challenge—but our team at Menlo is motivated and optimistic.

June 16, 2022JP Sanday
Doubling Down on CodeSignal So More Companies Can #GoBeyondResumes

In December of 2020, Menlo led the Series B investment in CodeSignal. Now, less than a year later, we’re doubling down in their Series C and welcoming Index Ventures to the team.

September 16, 2021JP Sanday
Our Investment In Qualio: A New Breed of Quality Management System for Life Sciences

Across life sciences, a quality management system (QMS) is critical for both regulatory compliance and continuous product innovation.

May 25, 2021JP Sanday
Life Science Is Being Transformed by Vertical SaaS

We believe purpose-built vertical SaaS will help make drug discovery more effective and efficient and ultimately improve healthcare outcomes.

April 14, 2021Matt Murphy, JP Sanday and Greg Yap
Our Investment in Photomath: Changing the Future of Math Tutoring

A very real concern emerging from the pandemic is the impact of remote learning on students who require more hands-on, personalized instruction.

February 18, 2021JP Sanday and Feyza Haskaraman
Introducing the Hierarchy of Needs, Productivity SaaS Edition

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has created a landscape that will continue to encourage innovation and technological adoption.

January 13, 2021JP Sanday
Doubling Down on H1: Menlo Co-Leads Series B, Eight Months After Leading Series A

H1 is a unique healthcare data SaaS company with proprietary data, compelling initial applications, and potential to expand.

December 17, 2020Greg Yap and JP Sanday
Our Investment in CodeSignal: Helping Companies Uncover the Best Technical Candidates

The accelerated shift to digital has led to a surge in demand for developer talent as companies bolster their digital capabilities to respond, recover, and reimagine.

December 8, 2020JP Sanday
Our Investment in Abnormal Security: Email Security for Today’s Cloud Office Environments

The adoption of cloud office platforms has exploded. With that growth came the sudden expansion of attack surfaces, which organizations are now forced to defend.

November 18, 2020Venky Ganesan and JP Sanday
Building Our Team: JP Sanday Joins Menlo’s Inflection Team as Partner

Today is a big day for Menlo Ventures as we’re adding our ninth partner, JP Sanday, who will focus on our Inflection Fund!

August 7, 2019Matt Murphy