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Our Investment in Vilya: AI-Enabled Development of a New Class of Medicines

Predictive and generative AI are entering many new applications. At Menlo Ventures, we are especially excited about applications for AI in drug discovery and development, specifically when new technology can directly address a major unmet need.

September 15, 2023Johnny Hu, Ph.D. and Greg Yap
Opportunities and Challenges of Applying Generative AI to Designing New Drugs

Drug design is both a natural fit and a unique challenge for generative AI, given large but messy datasets, time and cost of real-world testing, and the complexity of human trials.

August 9, 2023Johnny Hu and Ph.D.
Generative AI: Lessons From Prior Waves

While navigating this exciting yet complex landscape may seem daunting for startups, lessons from past tech waves, along with a thoughtful, strategic approach, can help illuminate the path forward.

May 31, 2023Steve Sloane
Our Investment in Anthropic: The Foundation Layer for Generative AI

We stand on the precipice of an extraordinary platform shift catalyzed by groundbreaking advancements in generative artificial intelligence.

May 23, 2023Matt Murphy, Derek Xiao and Andreas Vandris
Video: Engineering New Drugs With Generative AI at Genesis Therapeutics

Genesis Therapeutics is pioneering AI technologies to create medicines for patients with severe and unmet medical needs.

May 2, 2023Greg Yap
The Seven Generative AI Building Blocks for the Next Generation of Consumer Technology Companies

OpenAI’s ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly active users just two months after launch, setting the new standard for the fastest-growing consumer application in history. The landmark achievement underscored the strength of generative AI’s pull in consumer markets—surpassing even the breakthroughs of the internet and smartphones.

April 27, 2023Shawn Carolan, Katie Keller and Derek Xiao
Pinecone Now Valued at $750M, Arguably the Most Important Element in the Modern Data Stack

Pinecone has raised a $100M Series B led by A16Z—with explosive growth justifying their new $750M valuation.

April 27, 2023Tim Tully
Our Investment in Typeface: Generative AI at Enterprise Speed and Scale

Since the advent of the internet, few technological advances have garnered as much attention and enthusiasm as quickly as generative AI.

February 27, 2023Matt Murphy and Derek Xiao