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No Weak Links: Collaboration Will Strengthen the Supply Chain

With supply chain companies increasingly recognizing the advantages of shared data and optimized workflows, a new era of collaboration is on the horizon.

May 29, 2024Steve Sloane and Feyza Haskaraman
Resilience Against Ransomware: Our Investment in Mimic

Mimic is a next-gen anti-ransomware solution built for the enterprise—a category-defining technology responding to increasingly urgent market demands.

May 2, 2024Matt Murphy, Feyza Haskaraman and Sam Borja
Tailwinds of Change: Reengineering Hardware Design and Manufacturing

In the last 40 years, tech has evolved tremendously, driving innovations on nearly every front. And yet, the software stack for hardware engineering has remained surprisingly static.

April 4, 2024Feyza Haskaraman
AI for Security: Eight Areas of Opportunity

Generative AI is a powerful technology in the hands of both good and bad actors. While cybercriminals can use GenAI to complicate and expand existing threats, it’s also an incredible defensive technology.

February 8, 2024Venky Ganesan, Rama Sekhar, Feyza Haskaraman and Sam Borja
Security for AI: The New Wave of Startups Racing to Secure the AI Stack

In the race to adopt generative AI, every enterprise grapples with a common concern: security.

February 6, 2024Venky Ganesan, Rama Sekhar, Feyza Haskaraman and Sam Borja
December 20, 2022Steve Sloane, Feyza Haskaraman and Derek Xiao
Latin America: The Next Frontier in Supply Chain Innovation

History may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

December 14, 2022Steve Sloane, Feyza Haskaraman and Derek Xiao
Securing the Modern Software Supply Chain

The long chain of code, library, and package dependencies and third-party tooling employed during the software development lifecycle comprise the modern software supply chain.

November 9, 2022Venky Ganesan, Feyza Haskaraman and Derek Xiao
Delivering the Goods: Opportunities in Vertical Supply Chain

Last year brought supply chain issues into sharp focus: The ongoing pandemic and geopolitical unrest combined to buckle traditional systems for global trade and logistics, highlighting the need for innovation.

July 6, 2022Feyza Haskaraman
Our Investment in Obsidian Security: Securing the Most Critical Business Applications for the Enterprise

Business today lives in SaaS applications. In fact, the average enterprise organization uses no less than 150 separate SaaS applications.

April 14, 2022Venky Ganesan, Feyza Haskaraman and Derek Xiao
Our Investment in Parade: Unlocking Efficiency in Freight Brokerage

Below the surface of the freight industry lies a fragmented relationship between shippers, brokers, and carriers that makes the very movement of goods throughout the United States incredibly complex.

February 9, 2022Steve Sloane and Feyza Haskaraman
Supply Chain on the Brink

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve heard countless stories of supply chain disruptions, shortages and delays.

December 21, 2021Feyza Haskaraman
Our Investment in Cequence Security: Bringing Visibility to API Security

As companies go digital, the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) is exploding.

December 15, 2021Venky Ganesan and Feyza Haskaraman
Our Investment in CloudTrucks: Bringing Critical Solutions to Truckers Powering the Supply Chain

Trucking is the backbone of America. And despite its critical hand in the supply chain, the $700 billion industry hinges on personnel, yet fails to offer drivers streamlined solutions for managing their operations.

November 30, 2021Steve Sloane and Feyza Haskaraman
Our Investment in Photomath: Changing the Future of Math Tutoring

A very real concern emerging from the pandemic is the impact of remote learning on students who require more hands-on, personalized instruction.

February 18, 2021JP Sanday and Feyza Haskaraman