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Building Great Products into Great Companies, With Albert Wang

For our latest Menlo Ventures Product Assembly, we hosted a virtual wine tasting with special guest Albert Wang.

June 15, 2022Grace Ge
Do You Want to Found a Company?

Solve a problem. Change the game. Build a household name. Menlo Ventures is currently accepting candidates for our Future Founders community.

February 14, 2022Michelle Aguinis
Catching Lightning in a Bottle

How to align product with what customers want, differentiate from competitors, and win your market

October 13, 2021Shawn Carolan
The Secret to Cracking the Minimum Viable Product

Startups fail when they don’t build a simple solution to a problem many people have. Many startups fall into the trap of building toward a “mission” rather than a minimum viable product (MVP).

March 25, 2021Shawn Carolan
Customer Obsession: The Chime Way with Zach Smith, SVP of Product, Chime

I had the honor of co-hosting a Menlo Ventures Product Assembly Dinner with Zach Smith. He shared the lessons he learned throughout his career as a product innovator.

May 21, 2020Grace Ge
How Roku Thought Outside the Box

Millions of people know Roku as the little black box that streams Netflix to their TVs, but there’s far more to the story than this. Following the company’s September IPO*...

November 17, 2017Shawn Carolan
Culture at the Core: Why Stance Stands Out

You’ve seen them on the feet of Jay-Z and Rihanna, as well as NBA and MLB players. Justin Trudeau recently rocked a Star Wars-themed pair. They are colorful, high-quality, and instantly stand out in a crowd.

October 9, 2017Jordan Ormont
Navy SEAL and Commander of U.S. Special Operations Has This Advice for Entrepreneurs

Admiral Olson sat down with me to discuss team strategy, effective leadership, and what it takes to achieve success.

February 14, 2017Jordan Ormont
Building a Billion-Dollar Business in the Auto Business

Long before Uber, Tesla, and Getaround, a group of executives in Circuit City decided to launch a spinoff to disrupt the transportation market.

December 12, 2014