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Menlo’s Fintech Outlook for 2023

At Menlo Ventures, we’ve invested in fintech for a long time and, despite the volatility of the last two years, believe there’s still a lot to be excited about.

February 15, 2023Aunkur Arya, Croom Beatty and Tyler Sosin
CIOs: The View From the Trenches

We surveyed 30 CIOs from leading companies across various industries to understand their priorities, where they’re investing in technology and how the pandemic influenced their business for the long term.

June 30, 2021Houman Haghighi
Announcing Menlo XV

Today we launch our 15th venture fund, Menlo XV, a flagship $500M fund to help early-stage founders transform existing industries, create new categories, and build a better future.

October 15, 2020Venky Ganesan
Four Big Trends in Digital Health

The pandemic’s pressures compressed trends toward digital and virtual care that might otherwise have taken years into a few months.

October 9, 2020Greg Yap
Investing in Benchling: Software Accelerating Life Science Innovation

It’s rare to meet an entrepreneur who demonstrates both an incredible command of their business and such a clear vision of the magnitude of the opportunity.

July 24, 2019Matt Murphy
The Shift to Collaborative Robots Means the Rise of Robotics as a Service

As e-commerce continues to expand, the demand for warehouse workers is growing faster than the labor supply and creating an increased need for automation.

March 2, 2019Steve Sloane
Investing in Digital Transformation: Menlo Ventures Bets on Everlaw to Transform Legal Services

When technology enters a previously underserved sector or role, that workforce can be more successful, more efficient, and more productive.

August 28, 2018Tyler Sosin
Usermind: Harmony Among SaaS Applications

I’m thrilled to announce the public launch of Usermind, my first investment at Menlo Ventures, and one that I’m particularly excited about.

March 16, 2016Matt Murphy