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Software Will Supercharge Developer Productivity: Why We’re Excited About DX

Software developers spend their days chasing the elusive “flow state:” headphones on, Slack notifications paused, dev environment humming along, context switching to a minimum, and delivering a significant amount of valuable code and/or solving a hard problem.

December 15, 2022Matt Murphy
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in TruEra

Every company is a software company. Moreover, every company is now an AI/ML company.

March 28, 2022Tim Tully
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in Julia Computing

Julia, the “Ju” in Jupyter, is a programming language that will soon be the standard in scientific computing, replacing MatLab and R, but is also popular on the server due to speed, multiple dispatch/type system, as well as a vast set of libraries that aid rapid application development.

January 25, 2022Tim Tully
tim.jobChange(‘{“from”​:”Splunk CTO”​, “to”​:”Menlo VC”​}’​);

It’s with great excitement I announce that I’ve started my journey with Menlo Ventures as a partner focused on early-stage investing in the infrastructure and deep tech sectors.

May 17, 2021Tim Tully
Welcome Tim Tully, the Newest Partner at Menlo

It’s a very exciting time for Menlo Ventures, and we’re thrilled to welcome Tim Tully as our newest partner.

April 16, 2021Matt Murphy
Our Investment in StackRox: A Simple Idea

The genesis stories of some of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley have started with a simple idea.

September 10, 2020Venky Ganesan
Our Investment in FireHydrant: A Better Approach to Managing Complex Systems

We’re extremely excited to announce our investment in FireHydrant and to back Bobby Ross and his team.

May 20, 2020Matt Murphy
Clarifai: Bringing AI to the Masses

I’m thrilled to announce today that Menlo Ventures is leading a $30 million round in Clarifai, a company building a platform to democratize AI and bring it to the mainstream of developers and applications.

October 25, 2016Matt Murphy
tCell: Security for the Application Generation

Menlo Ventures is excited to be leading an $9.4 million Series A financing in tCell, a next-generation application security company.

October 12, 2016Tyler Sosin
Process as Code: Security Ops Orchestration for a Brave New World

Cybercrime is an enormous problem—a nemesis of the federal government, America’s biggest corporations, and tens of millions of individuals.

March 7, 2016
Red Hat Acquires Ansible, Growing Opportunity in DevOps

This acquisition will immediately catapult Red Hat—already a leader in hybrid cloud—into an industry leadership role in the fast-growing DevOps segment of cloud computing.

October 16, 2015Doug Carlisle