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Finch: Bringing Data Interoperability to the Employment Sector

The fintech industry has grown exponentially in recent years with a next-gen cohort of outstanding entrepreneurs deconstructing monolithic legacy solutions.

June 8, 2022Croom Beatty and Matt Murphy
Strengthening Our Team: Croom Beatty Promoted to Partner & Grace Ge Promoted to Principal

It’s great to promote from within, and both Croom and Grace have earned these promotions through hard work, performance, and the embodiment of the “ALL IN” ethos that defines the teamwork and commitment that are core to the Menlo approach.

October 20, 2021Matt Murphy
Building the Future: Menlo Ventures Bets On Construction Tech

Menlo-backed companies Canvas, Fieldwire, Hover, and OpenSpace are reinventing the construction industry

October 2, 2021Tyler Sosin and Croom Beatty
Our Series A Investment in Prodigal: Humanizing the Lending Process and Ecosystem

There is currently $15 trillion of consumer debt in the U.S. Lenders pay hundreds of billions of dollars to acquire customers, underwrite them, and then give them a loan. But then what?

July 22, 2021Croom Beatty
Unbundling Amazon: How ShipBob Is Revolutionizing the Fulfillment Layer of E-commerce

E-commerce has given millions of entrepreneurs the ability to launch new businesses. However, in recent years, it’s started to feel like Amazon has won the battle for e-commerce, commoditizing merchants on top of its monolithic stack.

June 29, 2021Croom Beatty
Ophelia Health: Fighting the Opioid Epidemic by Making the Best Care Accessible

Opioid use disorder (OUD) is an epidemic that will define our generation. Roughly 90 million Americans use opioids and over 10 million misuse them.

April 22, 2021Greg Yap and Croom Beatty
Roadblocks and Opportunities in Electronic Healthcare Records: A Conversation with Particle Founder Troy Bannister

As part of the 21st Century Cures Act, the White House established rules compelling payers and hospitals to make patient health data easily shareable by modern technology standards.

January 11, 2021Croom Beatty
Our Investment in Sonrai Security: Managing Cloud Identity and Data Governance in a Multi-Cloud World

Menlo doubles down: Betting on Brendan, Sandy, and the Sonrai team to win again.

October 15, 2020Venky Ganesan
Particle: Data Interoperability Powering the Future of Digital Healthcare

In order to fulfill the promise of improving healthcare outcomes, electronic medical records (EMRs) must be both portable and private.

April 28, 2020Croom Beatty
Bringing Transparency to Healthcare Transactions: Menlo Ventures Invests in Rivet

When you rent an apartment, buy a car, pay for education, you know exactly what you are going to pay. Why then, when you go to a doctor or pay for healthcare, do you not know what you will owe?

March 10, 2020Croom Beatty
Fieldwire: The Newest Trifecta Addition to the Menlo Portfolio

We are excited to announce our Series C lead investment in Fieldwire, a fast-growing, cashflow-positive company that brings increased digitization and cloud-native software efficiencies to the construction industry.

September 16, 2019Tyler Sosin and Croom Beatty
Bringing Utility to Crypto, BitPay Closes Series B Financing

As with any technological or process breakthrough, we see a lot of hype and uncertainty surrounding the space, but beneath the confusion, there exists significant utility.

April 3, 2018Croom Beatty