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Our Investment in oak9

In today’s world, we don’t need more security products, we need more secure products. The only way to do that is to build products securely from the ground up.

June 2, 2021Venky Ganesan
Making Sense of the Boom: Menlo’s Cybersecurity Checklist

The global cybersecurity market is booming. Against a backdrop of uncertainty, it’s displayed resilience and has largely been insulated from the volatility of markets.

January 5, 2021Venky Ganesan
Breach Analytics: The Next Billion-Dollar Investment Opportunity

Based on the very nature and prevalence of today’s data breach incidents, most of which go undiscovered for many months, the promise of breach analytics shouldn’t be underestimated.

October 26, 2015Venky Ganesan
Five Strategies for Better Cyber Protection and Defense

Today, BitSight Technologies announces $23 million in Series B funding to continue protecting businesses from cyber attacks with sophisticated cyber security ratings.

June 25, 2015Venky Ganesan