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Supply Chain on the Brink

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve heard countless stories of supply chain disruptions, shortages and delays.

December 21, 2021Feyza Haskaraman
Funding the Next Generation of Supply Chain Disruptors

Everywhere you look these days, companies, economists, and government officials are citing the ongoing supply chain issues that are present as the economy struggles to restart from the pandemic.

August 18, 2021Steve Sloane
Congratulations to 6 River Systems on Joining Shopify: A Clear Sign that the Robotics Market Is Accelerating!

The team at Menlo is proud to have been involved in the 6RS journey and their mission to bring automation and robotics to every company’s fulfillment process.

September 9, 2019Matt Murphy
The Shift to Collaborative Robots Means the Rise of Robotics as a Service

As e-commerce continues to expand, the demand for warehouse workers is growing faster than the labor supply and creating an increased need for automation.

March 2, 2019Steve Sloane
Backing 6 River Systems in $25M Round to Automate Warehouses and Improve E-commerce

We’re thrilled to be announcing our investment in 6 River Systems, the leader in autonomous robotics and warehouse automation, and to be backing great founders with unique domain experience in Jerome Dubois and Rylan Hamilton.

April 4, 2018Matt Murphy