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Powering the Future of Digital Data: Nielsen to Acquire eXelate

March 4, 2015

Menlo is thrilled to congratulate eXelate on today’s announced sale to Nielsen. eXelate, the leading provider of third-party data for digital advertisers, will integrate with Nielsen’s performance management solutions that provide clients with accurate and comprehensive insights on what consumers watch and buy.

Menlo led eXelate’s Series B round in 2010, after searching for the leading next generation data-as-a-service provider. Since our initial investment, eXelate’s technology has expanded to a full data management platform, allowing marketers the ability to target and analyze specific audiences and reach customers across hundreds of different channels.

Managing and interpreting customer data is of utmost importance to businesses today as digital data explodes. Some eye-openers:

  • Gartner predicts that worldwide device shipments (PC, tablet and mobile) will top 2.6 billion this year.
  • IDC estimates that by 2020, business transactions on the internet will reach 450 billion per day.
  • In 2000, just one quarter of the world’s information was digital. Today, more than 98% of all stored information is digital, according to Foreign Affairs.

With all of that browsing, watching, and purchasing across multiple devices, predictive marketing is more important than ever for businesses. And as advertising becomes more programmatic, data and analytics will be the lynchpin of all advertising campaigns.

Nielsen’s partnership with eXelate will offer an unparalleled solution for digital marketers and brands to advertise to consumers in a digital-driven world across all platforms and devices. At Menlo, we’re very proud of the eXelate team and wish eXelate and Nielsen much success together!