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Our Investment in Typeface: Generative AI at Enterprise Speed and Scale

February 27, 2023

Since the advent of the internet, few technological advances have garnered as much attention and enthusiasm as quickly as generative AI. The technology has seen a meteoric rise, skyrocketing from a relatively unknown status to nearly ubiquitous interest, capturing our collective attention and imaginations along the way.

Traditionally, artificial intelligence has been most valuable in extracting insights and analytics from proprietary data. However, the arrival of generative AI has unlocked powerful new capabilities. The technology can write poetry, create campaigns or pitches, and even tell stories.

Generative AI has immense potential to transform countless businesses, enabling a wide range of applications. Innovators are understandably excited to explore its capabilities and push its limits. One of the most promising opportunities lies in digital content creation.

It’s a massive vision. Generative AI can unlock the creative potential of people worldwide and expand the number of people who can create. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The needs of enterprises differ from those of consumers, who currently comprise the first wave of generative AI adopters.

Large businesses require innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate into their existing workflows while enabling tight iterative cycles between humans and software. They demand personalization that meaningfully aligns with their unique brand voice, visual assets, and audiences. To optimize creative work organization-wide, they need solutions that continuously improve by leveraging vast amounts of data and feedback while ensuring brand consistency and control across multiple departments. This represents an enormous opportunity for generative AI within the enterprise.

Enter Typeface, an enterprise-grade generative AI application that drives high-quality, brand-personalized content lifecycle development at speed and scale. With a world-class team, led by founder and former CTO of Adobe, Abhay Parasnis, Typeface is uniquely positioned to succeed. We’re excited to announce Menlo’s investment in the company’s $65M funding round, along with Lightspeed Venture Partners, GV (Google Ventures), and M12 (Microsoft’s Venture Fund). 

Built around a personalized AI core, Typeface has created a suite of powerful self-serve solutions that cater to enterprises’ most pressing needs. Its Affinity AI model self-trains and customizes content to each brand’s unique voice, style, and workflows, unifying content velocity with brand personalization and control. Enterprises can now create stunning, on-brand content faster and easier than ever before, maximizing creativity, productivity, and customer impact.

Typeface’s product transforms your thoughts into exceptional text and images, personalized to your brand

Abhay and the Typeface founding team are intimately familiar with the generative AI, SaaS, and media space, having honed their expertise over years of experience. Abhay is one of the most talented entrepreneurs we’ve encountered in the field with a unique ability to define the path to real-world applications and use cases for this cutting-edge technology.

At Menlo, we have a long history of partnering with exceptional founders at the earliest stages of market-defining enterprise software companies, including Abnormal, Benchling, Carta, and Harness. We believe the future of enterprise content creation belongs to those who dare to push the boundaries of what’s possible. With their innovative approach to generative AI and top-tier team, we believe Typeface will transform the way businesses approach content development.

Disruptive platforms like this are rare, and the visionaries who not only refactor but completely reimagine the status quo have the potential to achieve generational outcomes. If you share this vision, we would love to hear from you. In the meantime, we invite you to try out Typeface. Typeface is available today for select enterprises. Join the waitlist here. To learn more about the product, watch here or visit their website.

This article and accompanying media were generated with the help of Typeface. Typeface was responsible for generating entire sentences and paragraphs of text, augmenting the human capability to create a more enjoyable, elevated collaboration process. To experience the benefits of Typeface for yourself, sign up for Typeface’s waitlist here.