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Menlo Welcomes New AI Infrastructure Investor Deedy Das

By Tim Tully 2-minute read
March 14, 2024
Deedy and Tim

I’m excited to announce the newest addition to Menlo Ventures, Deedy Das. Deedy joins us as a principal, focused on early-stage investments in AI/ML, next-generation infrastructure, and enterprise software.

These are key areas of focus for our firm, and we’ve spent the last year building an impressive portfolio of AI leaders whose technology is core to the AI tech stack. By bringing Deedy on board, we are showing our continued investment in AI infrastructure to ensure we remain at the forefront of AI transformation.

At Menlo, we believe experienced operators make value-add investors—and Deedy fits that mold. Deedy has a great backstory, and his experience will resonate with founders immediately. He has been an integral part of successful startups as both an engineer and a product leader, and he has worked with industry giants like Facebook and Google. Having learned important lessons at each, Deedy has a unique perspective on how founders can navigate the complexities of building enduring tech companies.

When I first met Deedy in San Francisco, I found him to be a confident and brilliant engineer and product thinker. We started a back-and-forth on the future of vector databases that lasted weeks over DMs on Twitter. He pointed me to great papers and articles to further his arguments that I found to be not just compelling arguments but also extremely informative, showcasing the depth of his thinking along all dimensions in tech—design, development, and product.

Before joining Menlo, he was on the founding team of Glean, where he went from engineer to engineering manager to creator and product lead of Glean Assistant, an AI-powered digital workplace assistant (and a significant portion of the company’s revenue). During his tenure, he helped the company grow from fewer than 10 employees to 300-plus, and from having no product to a $2.2 billion valuation.  

Before Glean, Deedy spent five years in various technical roles at Facebook and Google. At Google, he worked on search and AI, helping improve query understanding and building out the sports vertical; when you Google sports scores or statistics, the results you see are a glimpse of Deedy’s work.

He’s got a long list of accomplishments, but when you talk to Deedy, it’s clear that the early days of Glean were his most exciting. You can hear the passion in his voice when he describes building the company from zero to one. He’s hungry for more challenges, and the next frontier for Deedy will be a career as an investor. We’re excited to have him indulge his love of technology, developing great products, and building and scaling from the venture capital angle. We expect Deedy to knock it out of the park—because that’s what Deedy does.

Welcome to the team, Deedy!