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Welcoming Naomi Pilosof Ionita as Our New Investment Partner

February 7, 2018

We are thrilled to announce Naomi Pilosof Ionita as the newest partner on our investment team. Naomi will lead investments across both the consumer and prosumer markets. She comes to Menlo with deep operating experience from Evernote and Invoice2go, where she was most recently the vice president of growth. Her successful track record launching product, driving metrics and building high-performing teams will further enhance Menlo’s ability to empower entrepreneurs to realize their full potential.

It was a long search for us, and deliberately so. Building an effective partnership requires that each team member bring a diversified set of skills, experiences and connections to identify and capture opportunities in the market. Naomi’s fit with our team was exceptional.

For Menlo, we sought a growth product and marketing expert who could guide companies in building scalable, repeatable growth engines. Value creation requires rapidly increasing the active user base, but it’s not enough without an ongoing commitment to retention and monetization—Naomi’s specialties. To her, growth is not about quick hacks, but a long-term value exchange between the customer and the business—a perspective companies across sectors and stages have benefited from. Naomi’s expertise has made her a sought-out speaker and advisor, and she regularly contributes to tech communities such as Reforge500 Startups, and Tradecraft.

We also desired a partner with a strong track record in managing operational and cultural change at the executive level. Naomi has spent the last five years building growth teams and cultures at high-growth startups. She founded the growth function at Evernote and Invoice2go, redesigning the organizations by assembling full-stack teams across product, marketing, analytics, engineering and design. Her user and data-driven approach includes marrying qualitative research with quantitative experimentation throughout the product development process, and has resulted in double and triple-digit gains in metrics her teams have owned.

Finally, we valued a colleague who, above all else, is generous of spirit. She’s a special person, shaped by her midwestern upbringing (go Illini!), Northwestern engineering education, and an appreciation for international travel with her toddler and entrepreneurial husband. We are consistently impressed with the quick insights and systematic thinking that Naomi delivers to others, while also building a natural rapport. With a solid network of advisees, mentors, and colleagues who all count her as an indispensable resource, Naomi has proven time and again that she carries a broad influence that will be critical in taking Menlo to the next level.

It’s an honor and a pleasure to welcome her to our team.