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Tintri Announces IPO

June 30, 2017

Congratulations to Ken Klein and Kieran Harty and the entire team at Tintri on this important milestone! Menlo is proud to be an investor. Over the last decade there has been a lot of change in the data center—Tintri is one of the companies catalyzing that change and helping large organizations adopt enterprise cloud.

We invested in Tintri in 2012 because of their amazing storage technology. And while Tintri was quick to figure out how to cost-effectively use flash, we were more impressed by their vision beyond storage. For Tintri, all-flash storage is the delivery vehicle for highly differentiated cloud management software and web services, including analytics, automation and self-service. These services are driving the most profound changes in the data center—freeing admins from obsessing over storage, enabling simple scale of the data center to accommodate growth and speeding up product development cycles.

Oftentimes today, the hype centers on public cloud—but it is notable that private cloud (on-premise and off-premise) is a far larger market and is growing at a faster clip. That’s the market Tintri directly addresses—with its architecture that delivers the agility of public cloud with the control of security, cost and performance only possible in the data center.

Great companies are not built in a day, or a year, or a single business cycle. They adapt and innovate and grow. Tintri has been the most capital-efficient of any of the new generation of storage companies—and the one positioned to lead the shift to enterprise cloud. The best evidence is Tintri’s blue-chip customers, who trust the company with their mission critical applications—rarely in my career have I seen a group of customers so fanatical about data center technology.

I believe Tintri has the best products and team in the industry, and will be a long-term enduring success story. This infusion of capital gives the company the resources and flexibility to execute on a larger vision. This is just the beginning of the next chapter.  Well done and thank you to everyone at Tintri who has worked so hard to get to this event.