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Congratulations to Flurry on Sale to Yahoo!

July 21, 2014

Menlo congratulates Simon Khalaf, CEO, and the Flurry team on today’s announced sale of Flurry to Yahoo!

Menlo invested in Flurry in 2010 and I joined the board. My partners and I were delighted because we were looking for core infrastructure companies that would benefit from the rapid growth of mobile. Since then, Flurry and the market have grown dramatically—at a pace far greater than the growth of the PC and Internet markets. The world has never seen anything like it! Today, Flurry is the leader in mobile analytics and is now used on 1.4 billion devices monthly and sees more than 5.5 billion app sessions per day. Flurry has the deepest understanding of mobile consumer behavior. Over the years, Flurry has turned this insight into revenue and growth opportunities for app developers and new ways for brands and marketers to engage their audiences on mobile devices.

Yahoo!’s acquisition of Flurry makes Yahoo! the new leader in mobile app analytics. Mobile usage surpassed Internet usage in the U.S. this year. Yahoo! announced last week that the average Yahoo user spends 86% of their time on smartphones in apps. Flurry’s optimization of the mobile experience will be a key resource for Yahoo! and the merger will enable more effective advertising solutions for brands to reach their audiences across all mobile and desktop platforms.

My partners and I are very proud of the Flurry team. All worked very hard to build the best company in the space. We are proud to have played a small part in their victory. We wish the combined companies the very best!