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How to Build A Winning Sales Strategy: Lessons from Harness CRO Carlos Delatorre

We recently asked sales veteran Carlos Delatorre, Chief Revenue Officer of Harness, to share his best practices for leading a sales org with 25 sales leaders from across the Menlo Portfolio as a part of an event series we call “GTM Titans.”

JPM branding with Greg Yap and Johnny Hu headshots
Key Takeaways from J.P. Morgan’s 41st Annual Healthcare Conference​
AI for security graphic
AI for Security: Eight Areas of Opportunity

is our

Security for AI: The New Wave of Startups Racing to Secure the AI Stack
Rama Sekhar alternative headshot
Menlo Welcomes New Cybersecurity and AI Infra Partner Rama Sekhar
Illustration of LLMs by GenAI
The Modern AI Stack: Design Principles for the Future of Enterprise AI Architectures

Our Investment in Barnyard Games: Pioneering Social Games for the Unreal Engine for Fortnite Ecosystem

Gaming is in a golden age. Over the last decade, gaming has seen the rise of iconic studios whose titles have reshaped how consumers socialize and play today.

When to Hire Your First Product Manager: Lessons from Linear’s Innovative Approach

Shedding light on Linear’s unique success, their Head of Product (and sole product manager) Nan Yu joined Menlo Ventures for a recent discussion.

True Anomaly's Jackal spacecraft
Menlo’s Investment in True Anomaly: A Defense Prime for Space
Menlo Raises $1.35 Billion to Fund a New Generation of Startups
OfferFit founders
Menlo’s Investment in OfferFit: Building the ML-Powered, Automated Experimentation Platform Marketers Need
Banner graphic for Menlo's 2023 State of Generative AI in the Enterprise report
2023: The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise

Cracking the Black Box of Alts Investing: Our Series A Investment in Arch

Arch Labs is building the digital backbone to aggregate and connect upstream GP portals and fund admins so investors can automate manual processes like document collection and capital calls, and make better, data-driven investment decisions.

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Eleos founders
Empowering Behavioral Health Providers With AI: Our Investment in Eleos
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