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Menlo’s Investment in OfferFit: Building the ML-Powered, Automated Experimentation Platform Marketers Need

We’re thrilled to lead OfferFit’s Series B and believe it delivers a category-disrupting solution at a time when the marketing world is looking to embrace AI.

Cracking the Black Box of Alts Investing: Our Series A Investment in Arch
Eleos founders
Empowering Behavioral Health Providers With AI: Our Investment in Eleos

is our

Cleanlab founders
Hardening the Data Moat: Our Investment in Cleanlab
Arc electric boat dashboard
Riding the EV Wave: Our Investment in Arc
Cartwheel Care graphic
Our Investment in Cartwheel: Improving Youth Mental Health

A Masterclass in Scaling Developer-First Products With Industry Veteran Eeke de Milliano

Developers have become increasingly powerful decision makers and influencers within organizations, with purchasing powers of their own and dedicated budgets—particularly in light of the explosive growth of GenAI.

Our Investment in Vilya: AI-Enabled Development of a New Class of Medicines

Predictive and generative AI are entering many new applications. At Menlo Ventures, we are especially excited about applications for AI in drug discovery and development, specifically when new technology can directly address a major unmet need.

Joff Redfern headshot, square
Menlo Welcomes Former Atlassian CPO Joff Redfern to Our Investment Team 
Opportunities and Challenges of Applying Generative AI to Designing New Drugs
Neon anvil falling on Wile E. Coyote
Menlo’s Investment in Neon: Serverless Postgres for Modern Workloads
Amy Wu headshot square
Menlo Ventures Doubles Down on Consumer Investing With New Partner Amy Wu

Video: Building Squint With Menlo Labs

Founder Devin Bhushan talks about Squint and making the leap to entrepreneurship with the help of Menlo Labs.

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Squint factory AR
Squint Emerges From Menlo Labs With Funding From Sequoia and an Impressive Roster of Customers
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