Observe.AI playbook graphic
Five Steps for How GenAI Startups Can Break into the Enterprise: Observe.AI’s Playbook
Resilience Against Ransomware: Our Investment in Mimic
AI Playbook banner
7 Golden Rules for Generative AI Apps: A Playbook from Early Winners
CAD graphic
Tailwinds of Change: Reengineering Hardware Design and Manufacturing
Deedy Das alternative headshot
Menlo Welcomes New AI Infrastructure Investor Deedy Das
Backing the Stack: Why Menlo Invested in Unstructured
AI for security graphic
AI for Security: Eight Areas of Opportunity
Security for AI: The New Wave of Startups Racing to Secure the AI Stack
Illustration of LLMs by GenAI
The Modern AI Stack: Design Principles for the Future of Enterprise AI Architectures
Menlo Raises $1.35 Billion to Fund a New Generation of Startups
Banner graphic for Menlo's 2023 State of Generative AI in the Enterprise report
2023: The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise
Squint factory AR
Squint Emerges From Menlo Labs With Funding From Sequoia and an Impressive Roster of Customers
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Pinecone Now Valued at $750M, Arguably the Most Important Element in the Modern Data Stack
Winning With Product: Featuring Figma’s CPO Yuhki Yamashita
Orb founders
Evolving Pricing and Scaling Revenue: Our Series A Investment in Orb
Our Investment in Typeface: Generative AI at Enterprise Speed and Scale
Hat Trick: Menlo’s Third Investment in Finch in Three Years
Steve Sloane moderating a panel at Manifest 2023
Video: Supply Chain Resiliency—From Robotics and Automation to Visibility
Menlo’s Fintech Outlook for 2023
Future of supply chain graphic
Perspectives for 2023 from Supply Chain Leaders at Uber, Maersk, and P&G
Developer toil
Software Will Supercharge Developer Productivity: Why We’re Excited About DX
Latin America supply chain
Latin America: The Next Frontier in Supply Chain Innovation
Top Sales Exec Shares Tips on How to Manage and Scale for Growth
Joel Hellermark, CEO of Sana Labs
Building the Organizational Knowledge Graph: Our Series B Investment in Sana
Securing the modern software supply chain
Securing the Modern Software Supply Chain
How to Win With Product-Led Sales
How Software Companies Win: Rethinking Org Structure, Product Teams, and Priorities With Airtable’s Ilan Frank
Use Pinecone to See Which Parent Most Resembles Your Kids
The Five Requirements of Enterprise Readiness
Delivering the Goods: Opportunities in Vertical Supply Chain
Experimentation for the Modern Growth Stack: Our Investment in Eppo
The Opportunity in Cybersecurity: Takeaways From This Year’s RSA Conference
Building Great Products into Great Companies, With Albert Wang
Finch: Bringing Data Interoperability to the Employment Sector
How Key Sectors Might Fare During a Post-COVID Recession
Evan Reiser, CEO of Abnormal Security
Abnormal Security Hits $4B Valuation in 4 Years
Investing in RelationalAI: Evolving the Modern Data Stack
Our Investment in Obsidian Security: Securing the Most Critical Business Applications for the Enterprise
Customer service
AI for Contact Centers: Menlo’s Series C Investment in Observe.AI
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in TruEra
Public Cloud Stocks Have Dropped 50%. Will Private Valuations Follow?
10 Insights to Guide Product Managers, CEOs, and Founders
Siteline: Attacking the Payments Problem in Construction
Our Investment in Parade: Unlocking Efficiency in Freight Brokerage
Bringing Mortgage Tech into the Modern Age: Our Investment in Polly
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in Julia Computing
Observable illustration
Our Investment in Observable: Unlocking the Data Opportunity
Supply chain graphic
Supply Chain on the Brink
Our Investment in Cequence Security: Bringing Visibility to API Security
Our Investment in CloudTrucks: Bringing Critical Solutions to Truckers Powering the Supply Chain
Congratulations to Fieldwire on Their $300M Acquisition by the Hilti Group!
A Unicorn Twice Over: Congratulations to Everlaw on Its $202M Series D
Our Investment in Matik: Empowering the Enterprise With Data-Driven Documents
Building the Future: Menlo Ventures Bets On Construction Tech
A New System of Record for the Enterprise: Our Investment in Vareto
Doubling Down on CodeSignal So More Companies Can #GoBeyondResumes
Our Investment in Relyance AI: Bringing Real-Time Visibility to the Chaos of Data Compliance
From Affinity Customers to Affinity Investors: The Value of Relationship Intelligence
Funding the Next Generation of Supply Chain Disruptors
Conducting Pricing Research & Experimentation
Our Series A Investment in Prodigal: Humanizing the Lending Process and Ecosystem
Powering Product-Led Sales: Our Investment in Endgame
CIOs: The View From the Trenches
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in Edge Delta
Our Investment in Airbase: Streamlining the Office of the CFO
Our Investment In Qualio: A New Breed of Quality Management System for Life Sciences
The Empire Strikes SPAC: How SPACs Can Fuel Future Investment Diversity
Don’t Forget the Pipes! Why Insurtech Infrastructure Is Poised to Be Huge!
It’s Time to Crack the Complex Code of Benefits Tech
Our Investment in Canvas
Our Investment in Vivun: An End-to-End Platform for an Underserved and Important Function
Why Data Privacy and Compliance Software Could Be a Winner in 2021
Introducing the Hierarchy of Needs, Productivity SaaS Edition
Congratulations to StackRox on Joining Red Hat: Validation That Demand for DevSecOps Is on the Rise
CodeSignal CEO Tigran Sloyan
Our Investment in CodeSignal: Helping Companies Uncover the Best Technical Candidates
Announcing Menlo XV
Four Big Trends in Digital Health
Fixing the Contact Center: Menlo’s Series B Investment in Observe.AI
Our Investment in StackRox: A Simple Idea
Automation’s “Goldilocks” Challenge: Why Fox Robotics Is Just Right
The Power of a Photographic Memory: Our Investment in Construction Tech Leader OpenSpace
Our Investment in FireHydrant: A Better Approach to Managing Complex Systems
Transforming the Supply Chain: Menlo’s Series A Investment in Enable
Investing in Zylo: The Company That Created the SaaS Management Category
Fieldwire: The Newest Trifecta Addition to the Menlo Portfolio
Congratulations to 6 River Systems on Joining Shopify: A Clear Sign that the Robotics Market Is Accelerating!
Benchling founders
Investing in Benchling: Software Accelerating Life Science Innovation
Menlo Ventures Launches the Menlo Inflection Fund
Investing in Digital Transformation: Menlo Ventures Bets on Everlaw to Transform Legal Services
Menlo Announces New $450 Million Fund to Invest in Iconic Entrepreneurs
Tintri Announces IPO
Insights from Our Q&A with Ben Horowitz and Matt Murphy
Akamai Acquires Soha Systems
The Rise of APIs
Opportunities for Entrepreneurship: Menlo’s New $250M Fund
From Pilot to Production: Unravel and Waterline Weigh In
Focus on What Matters: A Management Story
The Big Factor in Fintech
Power Play: Cisco to Acquire 1 Mainstream
Breach Analytics: The Next Billion-Dollar Investment Opportunity
Red Hat Acquires Ansible, Growing Opportunity in DevOps
Platform9, the Easy Button for Private Clouds
Focus Your Energies to Solve Big Problems
Legacy Infrastructure and Cybersecurity: Menlo’s Discussion with Barclay’s
Venture Right With Menlo: Twelfth Fund Launches Today
Powering the Future of Digital Data: Nielsen to Acquire eXelate
The Sun Rises on the ADC Cloud
Ahoy Matey! All Clear on the Data Lake
Congratulations to Flurry on Sale to Yahoo!
Partners and Suppliers Are a Company’s Biggest Security Risks
Innovation Trends in Security Investing