Reimagining Smart Car Repair: Our Investment in Kinetic
Welcoming Our Newest Consumer Investor, C.C. Gong
Permeable peptide graphic
Our Investment in Vilya: AI-Enabled Development of a New Class of Medicines
No Weak Links: Collaboration Will Strengthen the Supply Chain
Observe.AI playbook graphic
Five Steps for How GenAI Startups Can Break into the Enterprise: Observe.AI’s Playbook
Dedrone nuclear power plant
Celebrating Axon’s Proposed Acquisition of Dedrone
Resilience Against Ransomware: Our Investment in Mimic
AI Playbook banner
7 Golden Rules for Generative AI Apps: A Playbook from Early Winners
Menlo’s Investment in Higgsfield: Building World Models With Video
Deedy Das alternative headshot
Menlo Welcomes New AI Infrastructure Investor Deedy Das
Backing the Stack: Why Menlo Invested in Unstructured
JPM branding with Greg Yap and Johnny Hu headshots
Key Takeaways from J.P. Morgan’s 41st Annual Healthcare Conference​
AI for security graphic
AI for Security: Eight Areas of Opportunity
Security for AI: The New Wave of Startups Racing to Secure the AI Stack
Rama Sekhar alternative headshot
Menlo Welcomes New Cybersecurity and AI Infra Partner Rama Sekhar
Illustration of LLMs by GenAI
The Modern AI Stack: Design Principles for the Future of Enterprise AI Architectures
Highlights from Menlo’s 2023 CEO Summit and Annual Meeting
Menlo Raises $1.35 Billion to Fund a New Generation of Startups
OfferFit founders
Menlo’s Investment in OfferFit: Building the ML-Powered, Automated Experimentation Platform Marketers Need
Banner graphic for Menlo's 2023 State of Generative AI in the Enterprise report
2023: The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise
Eleos founders
Empowering Behavioral Health Providers With AI: Our Investment in Eleos
Cleanlab founders
Hardening the Data Moat: Our Investment in Cleanlab
Joff Redfern headshot, square
Menlo Welcomes Former Atlassian CPO Joff Redfern to Our Investment Team 
Photo of Mark DePristo, Lucas Nivon, Johnny Hu, and Namrata Anand
Opportunities and Challenges of Applying Generative AI to Designing New Drugs
Wave image generated by DALL-E
Generative AI: Lessons From Prior Waves
Anthropic graphic, square
Our Investment in Anthropic: The Foundation Layer for Generative AI
Evan Feinberg, CEO of Genesis Therapeutics
Video: Engineering New Drugs With Generative AI at Genesis Therapeutics
Our Investment in Luca: The AI-Driven Pricing Co-Pilot for Large E-commerce Companies
AI construction site graphic
The Seven Generative AI Building Blocks for the Next Generation of Consumer Technology Companies
Ironman hero image
Pinecone Now Valued at $750M, Arguably the Most Important Element in the Modern Data Stack
Video: Reengineering Drug Discovery With Recursion
Our Investment in Typeface: Generative AI at Enterprise Speed and Scale
Joel Hellermark, CEO of Sana Labs
Building the Organizational Knowledge Graph: Our Series B Investment in Sana
Investing in RelationalAI: Evolving the Modern Data Stack
Customer service
AI for Contact Centers: Menlo’s Series C Investment in Observe.AI
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in TruEra
From Affinity Customers to Affinity Investors: The Value of Relationship Intelligence
Our Series A Investment in Prodigal: Humanizing the Lending Process and Ecosystem
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Our Investment in Photomath: Changing the Future of Math Tutoring
Fixing the Contact Center: Menlo’s Series B Investment in Observe.AI
Automation’s “Goldilocks” Challenge: Why Fox Robotics Is Just Right
The Power of a Photographic Memory: Our Investment in Construction Tech Leader OpenSpace
Menlo Ventures Launches the Menlo Inflection Fund
Menlo Announces New $450 Million Fund to Invest in Iconic Entrepreneurs
Backing 6 River Systems in $25M Round to Automate Warehouses and Improve E-commerce
The Power of AI In Customer Service
Clarifai: Bringing AI to the Masses
Embracing the Bots: What’s New and Next in Messaging