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Menlo’s Fintech Outlook for 2023

At Menlo Ventures, we’ve invested in fintech for a long time and, despite the volatility of the last two years, believe there’s still a lot to be excited about.

February 15, 2023Aunkur Arya, Croom Beatty and Tyler Sosin
Back to Basics: Fundamentals for Building Breakout Consumer Companies

Economic downturns force us to get back to basics: The cost of new capital and low valuation multiples—even for top-performing public companies—force startups to make substantial progress per dollar to get a term sheet, much less an up round.

January 18, 2023Shawn Carolan
How Key Sectors Might Fare During a Post-COVID Recession

As we consider the post-COVID economy, we reflect on previous recessions to inform our predictions about how various asset classes and business models might perform.

June 1, 2022Steve Sloane
Public Cloud Stocks Have Dropped 50%. Will Private Valuations Follow?

After nearly two years of soaring valuation multiples for public cloud stocks, the law of financial gravity has returned in recent weeks.

March 21, 2022Steve Sloane and Derek Xiao
Can M&A Still Thrive if Our Economy Slows? History Tells Us M&A Slows During a Recession, But This Time May Be Different

Downturns are historically terrible for M&A, but there are reasons to believe that may not be the case during this recession. Markets have shown an unfortunate ability to accelerate deal...

May 28, 2020Steve Sloane