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Backing the Stack: Why Menlo Invested in Unstructured

We’re excited to partner closely with the team at Unstructured and are confident that they have firmly established themselves as the ETL leader for AI/ML workloads of the future.

March 14, 2024Tim Tully and Derek Xiao
Menlo Welcomes Former Atlassian CPO Joff Redfern to Our Investment Team 

Joff joins our team of deep and complementary operators and, in particular, adds world-class expertise in finding product-market fit and scaling product organizations.

September 7, 2023Matt Murphy
It’s Time to Crack the Complex Code of Benefits Tech

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world of benefits forever. Companies rethought the traditional office paradigm and re-evaluated the suite of benefits that provide a strong work experience for employees.

April 21, 2021Steve Sloane
Introducing the Hierarchy of Needs, Productivity SaaS Edition

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has created a landscape that will continue to encourage innovation and technological adoption.

January 13, 2021JP Sanday
Our Investment in CodeSignal: Helping Companies Uncover the Best Technical Candidates

The accelerated shift to digital has led to a surge in demand for developer talent as companies bolster their digital capabilities to respond, recover, and reimagine.

December 8, 2020JP Sanday
Four Things Employees Expect in the Workplace in 2020

The way we work today looks very different from how we’ve worked in the past. We’re no longer working 9 to 5 or delineating between in or out of the office.

December 20, 2019Naomi Pilosof Ionita