Anthology Fund
Reimagining Smart Car Repair: Our Investment in Kinetic
Our Investment in Vilya: AI-Enabled Development of a New Class of Medicines
Resilience Against Ransomware: Our Investment in Mimic
Menlo’s Investment in Higgsfield: Building World Models With Video
Backing the Stack: Why Menlo Invested in Unstructured
Our Investment in Barnyard Games: Pioneering Social Games for the Unreal Engine for Fortnite Ecosystem
Menlo’s Investment in True Anomaly: A Defense Prime for Space
Menlo’s Investment in OfferFit: Building the ML-Powered, Automated Experimentation Platform Marketers Need
Cracking the Black Box of Alts Investing: Our Series A Investment in Arch
Empowering Behavioral Health Providers With AI: Our Investment in Eleos
Hardening the Data Moat: Our Investment in Cleanlab
Riding the EV Wave: Our Investment in Arc
Our Investment in Cartwheel: Improving Youth Mental Health
Menlo’s Investment in Neon: Serverless Postgres for Modern Workloads
Squint Emerges From Menlo Labs With Funding From Sequoia and an Impressive Roster of Customers
Our Investment in Anthropic: The Foundation Layer for Generative AI
Our Investment in Luca: The AI-Driven Pricing Co-Pilot for Large E-commerce Companies
Pinecone Now Valued at $750M, Arguably the Most Important Element in the Modern Data Stack
Evolving Pricing and Scaling Revenue: Our Series A Investment in Orb
Our Investment in Typeface: Generative AI at Enterprise Speed and Scale
Hat Trick: Menlo’s Third Investment in Finch in Three Years
Fighting Cancer Through Early Detection and New Therapies: Menlo’s Investments in Delfi and Opna
Building the Organizational Knowledge Graph: Our Series B Investment in Sana
Experimentation for the Modern Growth Stack: Our Investment in Eppo
Finch: Bringing Data Interoperability to the Employment Sector
Abnormal Security Hits $4B Valuation in 4 Years
Investing in RelationalAI: Evolving the Modern Data Stack
Our Investment in Obsidian Security: Securing the Most Critical Business Applications for the Enterprise
AI for Contact Centers: Menlo’s Series C Investment in Observe.AI
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in TruEra
Siteline: Attacking the Payments Problem in Construction
Our Investment in Parade: Unlocking Efficiency in Freight Brokerage
Bringing Mortgage Tech into the Modern Age: Our Investment in Polly
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in Julia Computing
Our Investment in Observable: Unlocking the Data Opportunity
Our Investment in Cequence Security: Bringing Visibility to API Security
Our Investment in CloudTrucks: Bringing Critical Solutions to Truckers Powering the Supply Chain
A Unicorn Twice Over: Congratulations to Everlaw on Its $202M Series D
Our Investment in Matik: Empowering the Enterprise With Data-Driven Documents
A New System of Record for the Enterprise: Our Investment in Vareto
Doubling Down on CodeSignal So More Companies Can #GoBeyondResumes
Our Investment in Relyance AI: Bringing Real-Time Visibility to the Chaos of Data Compliance
From Affinity Customers to Affinity Investors: The Value of Relationship Intelligence
Our Series A Investment in Prodigal: Humanizing the Lending Process and Ecosystem
Powering Product-Led Sales: Our Investment in Endgame
Unbundling Amazon: How ShipBob Is Revolutionizing the Fulfillment Layer of E-commerce
Why Menlo Ventures Invested in Edge Delta
Our Investment in Immersive Labs: Unlocking Cyber Skills Across the Enterprise
Our Investment in Airbase: Streamlining the Office of the CFO
Our Investment In Qualio: A New Breed of Quality Management System for Life Sciences
Ophelia Health: Fighting the Opioid Epidemic by Making the Best Care Accessible
Our Investment in Canvas
Our Investment in Riva Health: Building the Future of Cardiovascular Healthcare
Our Investment in Photomath: Changing the Future of Math Tutoring
Our Investment in Strata: Managing Identity and Access Across All Clouds
Our Investment in Vivun: An End-to-End Platform for an Underserved and Important Function
Doubling Down on H1: Menlo Co-Leads Series B, Eight Months After Leading Series A
Our Investment in CodeSignal: Helping Companies Uncover the Best Technical Candidates
Our Investment in Abnormal Security: Email Security for Today’s Cloud Office Environments
Our Investment in Sonrai Security: Managing Cloud Identity and Data Governance in a Multi-Cloud World
Fixing the Contact Center: Menlo’s Series B Investment in Observe.AI
Our Investment in StackRox: A Simple Idea
Automation’s “Goldilocks” Challenge: Why Fox Robotics Is Just Right
The Power of a Photographic Memory: Our Investment in Construction Tech Leader OpenSpace
Our Investment in FireHydrant: A Better Approach to Managing Complex Systems
Particle: Data Interoperability Powering the Future of Digital Healthcare
Investing in H1: SaaS Healthcare Analytics
Transforming the Supply Chain: Menlo’s Series A Investment in Enable
Bringing Transparency to Healthcare Transactions: Menlo Ventures Invests in Rivet
Investing in Zylo: The Company That Created the SaaS Management Category
Fieldwire: The Newest Trifecta Addition to the Menlo Portfolio
Investing in Benchling: Software Accelerating Life Science Innovation
Indio: The P&C Insurtech “Trifecta” That Inspired a Menlo Feeding Frenzy
Mapping the World’s Homes in 3D: Improving on Home Improvement
Solving One of IT’s Most Time-Consuming Tasks: Better Device Management With Fleetsmith
Cheers to Chime: Finally, a Bank Consumers Can Love!
Making the Workplace Work: Our Investment in Envoy
Investing in Digital Transformation: Menlo Ventures Bets on Everlaw to Transform Legal Services
A $300M Vote of Confidence for Getaround’s Carsharing On-Demand
Backing 6 River Systems in $25M Round to Automate Warehouses and Improve E-commerce
Bringing Utility to Crypto, BitPay Closes Series B Financing
MealPal Raises $20M to Expand Food Pick-Up Service
The Way Home: Menlo Leads Series B in HomeLight
Bringing in the Dough, Bread Announces Series B
Love in the Time of Breather: From Marriage Proposal to $40M Investment
Clarifai: Bringing AI to the Masses
tCell: Security for the Application Generation
Our First Opportunity Fund Investment: eero
Usermind: Harmony Among SaaS Applications
Fighting Fraud With Big Data
The RealtyShares Rocketship
The Big Factor in Fintech
Platform9, the Easy Button for Private Clouds
GIF for Messenger(s): Menlo Invests in Riffsy
Menlo Marketplaces: Investing in UpCounsel
Five Strategies for Better Cyber Protection and Defense
Pass Go, Collect $10 Million: Menlo Leads RealtyShares Series A
The Sun Rises on the ADC Cloud
Ahoy Matey! All Clear on the Data Lake
Investing in Loyalty with FiveStars
Love for Rover